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About Medical Records

What about my medical records

All medical records are confidential. Records may be released to your other health care providers in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Our office will not release this information to other third parties without your written consent or court order. You may obtain a copy of your records. Please allow 14 days for all medical record requests. A fee will be charged for copies of records, in accordance with Virginia law. All copies of records are provided by an outside copying company.


How do I obtain a medical report or form?

Requests for medical reports must be submitted in writing, indicating the reason for the request, the information to be included, and to whom the report should be sent. Reports, forms and letters require at least 10-14 business days for completion, after we have received all necessary information and releases. If you request a letter, legal or disability report or other narrative report, a fee will be charged. A fee will also be charged to complete forms, such as disability forms, DMV forms, Metro Access forms and FMLA forms. The fees vary and must be paid before the report is prepared. Please contact our office for the current fee schedule. Expedited forms may be subject to an additional charge.

For disability and FMLA forms, you will also be given an information questionnaire by our office, which you must complete in advance, outlining your disability, the date of onset of your disability, any work or other restrictions you experience, the date you stopped working, and the reasons why you consider yourself disabled. All determinations of disability will be made by your doctor. Your doctor may require an office visit to complete your forms. Disability forms will not be completed if your doctor does not consider you disabled. A written authorization form must be received from you or your legal guardian before any information can be released, in accordance with HIPAA regulations.


What about X-Ray and MRI Films?

We do not store or keep your x-rays, MRI films or computer discs for tests not done in our office. We cannot accept films or discs prior to your appointment, or keep them after your appointment. Please bring your x-ray films or discs to your initial visit and follow-up appointments for your doctor to review. These will be returned to you after your visit. You should store these at home.



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